I Am A Caregiver


I am so much more…

…Don't let one aspect of your life define who you are…

Caregiving is indeed the most time consuming part of my life!  As a matter of fact, it consumed my every waking moment of life.  However, I've finally learned not to let it become my whole life... even if it has and does feel this way most times.  All of us feel lost, overwhelmed or all consumed by something in our lives at one time or another.  It's how we end up handling it all that really counts.  And, it's never too late to change course! 

I truly believe my circumstances were not by accident, but rather to wake me up.  You see, I was the type that took things for granted. I never truly appreciated… well… anything.  Of course, I only recognized this after many years of angst and sorrow.  But if one wants things to be different badly enough, desperation can lead one to determination.  And so, I began to learn the art of appreciation.  My son taught me.  If it weren’t for him, I imagine my life would have continued into a selfish abyss, with me non the wiser. That’s right.  My wheelchair bound, non-verbal son taught me so many things.  High on the list is appreciation.  Along with patience, service to others and how to communicate in silence.

I'm betting you have a lifes worth of stories as well.  Some good, great in fact and some not so much.  The point, now is, what's next?  Our journey is not over!  The next chapter is just starting and the sky's the limit!  What are you excited about?  It's time to enjoy and savor moments and to be in the best shape of our lives to do this.  Mentally, physically and spiritually, it's our turn to shine!  Let's do it together!

It’s time to follow-me-home,

The Team

Although we all work outside of dōTERRA, we are committed to sharing dōTERRA Essential Oils to help supplement our families income, while also making a positive impact on the lives of those we touch around the world!

Jane and Stephanie help woman over 50 to nourish their bodies with healthy food!  And, DōTERRA compliments their business!  They both love to work out and to spend time with their families traveling and having fun!

~ the nourishing gurus ~
Job Title

Deb is one of the hardest working woman I know!  She is always helping others and dōTERRA is a perfect addition! Her favorite thing, when she's not working, is  spending time with her many grandchildren!

~ Deborah Monteleone ~
Owner Parkside Salon

Nancy and her husband recently retired and are enjoying exploring the US in their beautiful new motorhome!  When they are not on the road, they can be found spending time with their beautiful grandchildren! dōTERRA is a perfect fit for their current lifestyle!

~ Nancy Emmons ~
Wellness Advocate


To work as a team to bring health and happiness into homes everywhere!