Live Your Life in Service to Others

I’ve tried my very best to do this for the past 21 years, in service to my son and those that came into our very small world. Sharing essential oils has been a blessing that has allowed me to expand my ability to live in service to others exponentially and I am forever grateful.

I have learned this way of life through the example set forth by my parents and my sister. They set the bar high and I’m determined to pole vault over it!

Firstly, when my parents finally retired they moved to a remote town in Florida, where they joined a tiny church and transformed a good deal of it through their service and generosity. They started a Christian Day Care Center and although my mom passed away before it blossomed, she is, in my mind, certainly proud of the way my Dad has molded and groomed this into the thriving, much needed, high standard school that it is today.

Wee Care Christian Academy, Myaaka City, Florida

Secondly, my sister, a prominent, caring dentist in Iowa, and her amazing husband, founded an organization that provides mentors and scholarships to kids in need within their local community, so that they may complete their education from Third grade through high school graduation and beyond.

West Liberty Youth Dream Catchers

Have you been looking for a way to expand your service to others as well? It might be even easier than you think!

And it’s called….drum roll please……Amazon! Haha! Yup, that’s it! Do you love Amazon as much as I do? Do you already have an Amazon account? Yup, me too!

So my request for you should you wish to show gratitude for these caring individuals is very simple.

Purchase all your Amazon orders at:
You DO NOT have to add any of your existing account information in again or make any changes to your existing Amazon account! All you have to do is put the word Smile before the word Amazon! (When you type that into your browser, your account will automatically be there. You absolutely do not have to redo your account in any way!)

Then run a charity search for Either of the two Charity Organizations listed above….whichever one speaks to your heart….and Amazon will donate 0.05% of your orders to the charity you pick! (IT DOES NOT COST YOU ANY EXTRA TO DO THIS GENEROUS DEED!) Once you pick the Charity, Amazon will remember it, and all you have to remember to do is enter every time you place an order! Better yet, add it to your browser. Easy Peasy! And you just helped an amazing organization continue to do its’ loving work.

Thank you so very much for helping me give back to my family for inspiring me to live my life in service to others. Till the next time you, follow-me-home,

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