What are you Doing to Take Care of YOU?

I think I may know what you’re thinking…

Take care of me? I barely have time for a shower, let alone time for any self indulgent care!

Me, too!

However, there are statistics out there that show the life expectancy for those who have been Caregivers is shortened when their caregiving ends in the death of their loved one. One very public case in point was what happened to Dana Reeves after she lost her husband Christopher Reeves. And I have seen it happen in my own extended family as well.

Let’s defy these statistics!

As a rule, because I am a caregiver, I don’t make New Years Resolutions anymore. They seem pointless to me. I can make them. Have the best of intentions. But our lives are not our own. Someone relies on us. Someone counts on us day and night. What we can squeeze in today, may not happen tomorrow.

So, is there a way to give a little something to ourselves?

Let’s review the facts. We are possibly overweight. (If you were raised like me, we find comfort with our food.). We are most likely sleep deprived. We are somewhat emotionally spent/shutdown. We are likely to have some degree of depression.

Now what can be done about this? Baby steps. Intention not expectation. And what is the one thing that can easily (yup, I said it… easily)get you started? Essential oils. It’s the first thing I have tried that, at the time, 19 years of caregiving, gave me relief. Great relief! And, at first, I was not even aware of it! That’s right, because I had only ever purchased, over all these years, things I thought would help my son. I never dreamed they could or would help me too.

It’s truly a win win!

You can help yourself, while helping your loved one. And it’s the first step towards your own self care!

Remember, the statistics are not in your favor… Let me help you prove them wrong!

Till the next time you follow me home,

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