Why I Love Dana Gorman

As a fellow Warrior Mom, we have a lot in common… and also, not so much.

So how did we get connected? Well, it’s kind of a funny story. It started many years ago… late at night, as I often did, I was perusing the internet for any and all information I could find to heal my son!

I came across some information about a place called Gecko Ranch. It talked about a place I had only dreamed of… A place that was a perfect, non-toxic environment where children could go and be helped. A clean place where children thrived and therapies abound!

I wrote them immediately! I talked about my son. I talked about the thousands of dollars worth of equipment I had. I talked about the hundreds of treatments we had done and all of the places we had done them. I talked about moving to Gecko Ranch and offering my equipment, services, and husband! (Ok, the husband part is not what you think! Get your mind out of the gutter!)

It took awhile, but one night I got a phone call from a raspy voiced woman and she said, “Wow! We’ve done a lot of the same things, too!” Dana told me about the Thriiive program (yes, with 3 i’s) that she had created to help families navigate toward recovery and all of the doctors she worked with. This was a woman with so much information and excitement, I was on overload! And I was excited, but then the bad news came… Gecko Ranch was more of a concept. Yes, an actual house deep in the mountains did exist, but it was not a “working” ranch. I was disappointed, as it didn’t sound like it would be available anytime soon, and I was pretty much at my wits end.

But I learned a lot from my new found friendship and had hope once again for my son. Sometimes, when progress is slow, non existent or worse yet, regressing, hope is all there is to hold on to, so you hold on tight!

About a year or so later with no improvements, I decided I would take my son to a wellness institute in Mexico. I was literally sitting on the plane with my son when I got the call from a prominent doctor whom I had worked with in the past. She had heard I was going and begged me to change my mind.

I had to make a split decision. What was I going to do? Sometimes the universe is trying to guide us. What were the chances? The chance that this doctor would even have my cell number? The chance that they would call just before they asked us to shut off our cell phones? The chance that they even knew that I was going and would bother to call? So, as they closed the doors to the plane, I called my husband and asked him to cancel my appointment in Mexico and that I would call him when I landed in California so we could form a new plan. Hey, when God shows up, I listen!

I cried half way there and the stewardess was so kind. She offered to help me and gave me her card with her personal phone number. I was touched and grateful, but I knew she could not help me.

We landed in California. We had little clothing as it would be provided where we had been headed in Mexico. I had no place to stay, but I somehow got our luggage, found a car rental, and called a doctor that I had thought about seeing. Could he see us on such short notice? Yes! OK. We would stay and see if he could help us. And what do you know… Dana lives in CA and I thought maybe we could finally meet each other!

I called and told her what had happened and to my surprise, she invited us out to Gecko Ranch! How exciting! She said it was about a 2 hour drive into the mountains and that she would meet me there.

We headed out and of course my son threw up all over himself, and the rental car, from all the winding turns up into the mountains! The drive was long and hard and the ranch was not so easy to find… but we finally made it! I was embarrassed, exhausted and overwhelmed from the whole ordeal. Then when I finally knocked on the door, no Dana! What? Oh, no! No! No! I drove all this way… we were covered in throw up and in the middle of nowhere!

There was a doctor with her son as well as Dana’s son and a nanny, but no Dana! It turns out Dana herself was sick and could not make the drive out to the ranch. But it didn’t mean I was any less welcome. I was ushered into the master bedroom and given laundry privileges and made myself at home.

We made the most of our stay. I was struck by the similarity of our sons as they sat on the couch together. How different their paths in life should have been and the enormity of how and why they were meeting each other.

It was a surreal few days and much of a blur to me now. How many people can you say you never met, but whose bed you slept in for 3 nights?

People come and go in our lives and we should really take the time to recognize, appreciate and thank them for what they have given us! Who do you need to thank?

Dana has since become someone I admire from a far and we connect every few years over something new or remarkable that we’ve uncovered. She is a warrior. She is forging a path. She has a great gift of using easy analogies to explain complicated things. She is both loved and hated as are many who are on the cutting edge of awakening. Brave beyond measure and smart beyond belief! A true hero. And a stranger that I call friend.

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