10 Reasons Every Caregiver Should Consider starting A Network Marketing Business

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As a Caregiver for over 24 years now, I truly never dreamed I could help with the family finances! Let’s face it, Caregiving is a NEVER ENDING, all consuming, exhausting job… But then I learned this…

1.) You can work from home

Now, that may or may not sound good to you! (Haha!) But, consider all the times you have to call out for illness, doctor appointments, therapy appointments, caregiver callouts and the list never ends…

Or, maybe, like me, the above is why you can’t have a job in the first place!

2.) You can make your own hours

You have so much to do and you never know when you are going to get a free minute. The good news is, as long as you “do the work” within those “free” time slots… you’ve got a business!

3.) You can have positive camaraderie

Now this can be really huge! Don’t take this one too lightly. When was the last time you were surrounded by people who lift your spirits, cheer you on and truly want to see you succeed? Right? It’s been awhile…

4.) You can have your cake and eat it too

Well what does that mean?  It’s actually two-fold…

When you choose the right company, you will have an opportunity to get your products for free!  Who doesn’t like to get what they love to use on a daily basis for free??

When you choose the right company, you can use the products to improve your life and that of your patient!  Truly, Win-Win, Win-Win!

5.) You can live your passion

What? Did you have to take a moment to look up the word passion? (Haha) Seriously, it’s probably been some time now since you’ve felt or thought about something you are passionate about… Am I right? What would it mean to you to have a little passion in your everyday life? To actually look forward to the day? To really be excited about something?

6.) You can have a creative outlet

Well, read the above paragraph and insert the word creative! (Haha) But seriously, it will feel great to think of ways to get your new business flowing and to be creative with your mind again! Sharing your ideas with others that are just as excited as you are, to grow, learn and plan!

7.) You can serve other people

Sure, you’re already serving your loved one and may wonder if you have anything left to give? I get it. But ask yourself this: Am I totally and completely for-filled? If the answer is anything but absolutely, you need to give some weight to this proposed idea. We only have one go around on this earth and helping others with something worthwhile is a wonderful way to live!

8.) Extra Income/New Income

You can have income towards those extras you thought were impossible or you can have income to take a much needed break now and than.

9.) Time is NOT on your side…

But let’s put this into perspective. Are you going to “wait” till what? Till your caregiving duties are over? How old, tired, depleted, and perhaps even ill, will you be by then? Do you really want time to come between you and your dreams? And speaking of dreams…

10.) You can begin to dream again

Do you even remember what that’s like? I bet it’s hard to even go there, isn’t it? Dreaming of vacations or of date nights or of times spent to yourself in a quiet moment, doing… well, doing maybe…nothing, and oh, doesn’t that feel good?

Still not convinced? Skeptical? You may want to consider this…
Do you feel trapped within your current circumstances?
Do you see any way to change them in the near future?
Do you feel lonely, misunderstood, depressed, unfulfilled, suffocated, self pity and/or uncreative?

If you answered yes to any of the above… you seriously need to consider this option…

Intrigued? But wonder how to get involved? Which company do you choose? What should you look for? What questions should you be asking? How do I know it’s all legit? Stay Tuned next week for all the answers…

I am creating a team of people who help others to create hope, health and financial freedom! And… YOU can too!

The patient I serve...

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