Never GIVE  Up

Never Give Up

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? And by sometimes, of course, I mean ALL the time
 Like maybe:
A. God forgot about you
B. Maybe he accidentally put too much on your plate? You know, he’s super busy working with like, everyone on the planet and well, he just left a few too many “eggs” in your basket?

Have you had thoughts about throwing in the towel…cause you are just plain overwhelmed? Do you have guilt or shame or embarrassment? Or maybe you’ve become a bit (heck, a lot) isolated due to your circumstances? Have you lost your sense of self?
I’ve been there too…
And I am happy to tell you there is another side…and it’s just over that Mountain that you’ve been climbing for quite some time now.

What has helped me the most? DoTerra Essential Oils…and they can help you too…Help you to feel. (Have you been numb to feel lately?) Help you to feel less tired, less stressed, more in control…able to breathe…

And if you are Caregiving…I can make you this promise…they CAN and WILL bring a level of COMFORT and JOY to your “patient”. And maybe even much, much more than this…but what if this was all they received…isn’t that such a blessing? So, what are you waiting for? It’s what we want most for them…We want to provide them with some comfort and joy during their unfortunate circumstance
So, grab your beverage of choice…and Follow me home…♥️

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